Time to Plant

Hi Everybody,

     Well, today we planted the garden–even though it’s snowing lightly.  Planting this early in northern Wyoming is either very brave or not very bright, but we’re starting with seeds rather than plants, so we’re hoping they won’t dare to sprout until the middle or end of April.  We’re planting jalapeno and serrano peppers, tomatillos, grape tomatoes, corn, snow peas, and taking a chance on some Mandan beans recovered from an archaeological site in North Dakota.  We’ve tried Anasazi beans, but they scream and perish come the first snow in September.   We obviously don’t have a long enough growing season for them.  We have the same problem with squash.  We get to eat lots of blossoms in September, but never a single squash.  We’ll also be planting a border of Datura around the garden.  Datura, which is toxic, has large white trumpet flowers, and seems to discourage the chipmunks, cottontails, deer, and packrats from entering the garden.  Those of you who’ve read our books also know that Datura was used for supernatural purposes by the native peoples–particularly vision quests.  The problem with Sister Datura is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, she can kill you.  Keep that in mind.  She’s a Power plant.  If you decide to plant Datura, don’t touch the seeds with your bare hands, and if you do, wash them thoroughly and immediately afterward.  But she has a spectacular garden presence. 


Mike and Kathy

4 thoughts on “Time to Plant

  1. Mike and Kathy,,, Hi, how have you been…..I have had deliberate journeys on the planet that includes Ranch activities on the WRIR , as you know, and planting is on my agenda. The weather is important as is the precipitation, but in a different sequence would be better…
    I work in Cheyenne and on the WRIR as the Arapaho Tribal Liaison in the Governor’s office. I like the challenge and have had some successes….. I have often thought of both of you, and have asked ‘Spirit’ to support your efforts…..My Daughter , Taeha , remembers meeting you at one of your appearances…..so you have made an impression…..I would love to catch up with you sometime and have a visit…..that opportunity would help sustain the ‘balance ‘ that I (we) need. TWo significant friends of mine from Nashville will be here in May, and that might be an opportune time to view your ‘sowings’…. let me know how you are….
    It has been too long….

    Gary Collins
    Tribal Liaison
    Northern Arapaho Tribe

  2. Greeting to the greatest storytellers,

    Once again my evenings are filled with high excitement – “PEOPLE OF THUNDER”. But I have waited for a year for this half of the story, and you are right, two part books are tough love. During this period of waiting, I have been thinking… ‘PEOPLE OF THE OWL” discovered an exciting area and people. I never felt that story was closed. The young woman of power was ready to start the future and I have often wonder what she accomplished during her maturity. It wouldn’t be a part II but the reappearance of a character. Now that power borders your garden – maybe… Dusty and the girl who sleeps with baseball bat might go down that way and dig something up.

    Wishing you a good harvest,
    Bill from southeast Ohio

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  4. hey guys
    we down here in the southern hemisphere are gearing up for winter so i too am planting for my winter crop as it’s really the best time of year down here when we actually get some rain, not that that has happened yet but fingers crossed in the next week or so. I was also wondering something as i have recntly been reading a book about the mayan calender 2012 etc and i was just wondering what your thoughts were on this archaeologically and personally, also was wondering if you guys were of any particular belief system or religion do you follow any of the native beleifs or have you got a more practial view of religion more scientific i only ask as you have written some wonderful spiritual threads through your novels as well as the betrayl and was just curious about whether your own beliefs effect your writing anyway take care can’t wait for next blog hope your garden is well maree

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